About PawnGuru

The idea behind PawnGuru came from one simple question: How can we make the buying, selling, and pawning of used goods faster, simpler, and easier for both customers and pawn shops alike, radically improving the way people experience this ever-expanding and important market?

With PawnGuru, consumers now have the ability to receive offers for items they want to sell or pawn from pawnshops in their local area via email or text. PawnGuru has revolutionized the pawnshop industry by building an easy to use online platform that allows current and new pawnshop customers easy access to America’s leading local pawnshops, and pawnshops easy access to an entirely new customer base.

With PawnGuru, getting new customers has never been faster or easier for pawnshops. At PawnGuru, local pawnshops have easy access to new customers,  and the system places the pawnshops in the enviable position to assist high quality consumers with their financing, selling, and purchasing needs.

The PawnGuru team has used its in-depth knowledge and understanding of the pawnshop customer to build the best online eco-system that bring together the financial needs of pawnshop consumers, and the valuable service that pawnshops provides to these consumers. 

Simply put, by bringing new and existing pawnshop customers together with America’s leading local pawnshops, PawnGuru provides a true harmonious platform for customers and pawnshops to do business in the fastest, easiest, and most friction-less way ever offered.

If you are a pawnshop owner and interested in trying us out, please click here for immediate access to our system so you can see for yourself how PawnGuru can immediately help grow your business.

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