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Get cash for your Electronics today

How you can pawn or sell your Electronics

If you need a quick few hundred dollars, look around your house. You may have a laptop you don’t use or an extra smartphone. You can sell those items to a pawn shop to get cash today. In fact, 40% of all items taken into pawn shops are electronics. They are by far the most widely traded items in the pawn industry. Over 30 million Americans use pawn shops every year, and buying and selling electronics at pawn shops is just as American as hot dogs at a barbeque.

Here’s how you can get the most money for your electronics:

First of all, electronics are all about functionality and recency. The newer your item is, and the better condition it is in, the more it is worth. If your item is broken or heavily damaged, you probably won’t be able to pawn or sell it to a pawn shop.

Second, if you want to pawn or sell your item, please bring in any accessories you might have that came with your item. For example, if you are pawning or selling a TV, please bring in the power cable, stand, TV remote, manual, and if you can, the box it came in. If you are pawning or selling a game console, please bring in the power supply, game controllers, video games, manuals, and anything else that came with it. Pawn shops are used goods stores. They can make more money from selling an item with all of the accessories than from just selling an item. It’s very hard to sell a TV without a power cable. Because they can get more money for the item with the accessories, they will give you more money for the item with accessories.

Third, we recommend you clean your item and wipe all of the data from its storage. Please reset all computers and smartphones back to factory settings. If you are able, please unlock your smartphone from your wireless carrier. This is the best way to protect your privacy when reselling electronics.

Some electronics retain their value longer than other electronics. game consoles and computers decline in value much slower than smartphones and music players.

Common categories of electronics include game consoles, computers, cell phones, tablets, TVs or monitors, printers, scanners, copiers, smartwatches, music players, cameras, and hoverboards.

Frequently Asked Questions

The info says I’ll get anywhere from $12-423 for my electronic item. Why is the spread so large?

There are many different items that fit into this category. If you pawn or sell your computer, you will get a much higher price than if you pawn or sell your tabletop speakers

If my item is broken, should I still bring it in?

No, unfortunately. Unlike jewelry, where the item is still worth the materials it took to make, the main selling point of electronics are their functionality. If you are able to repair your item to still make it work, please do that before bringing it in. That being said, if your item just has minor scratches, please still bring it in.

If my item is vintage, is it still valuable?

Sometimes. You can still pawn or sell old video game systems like the original Nintendo Entertainment System, but your iPhone 3 is not worth bringing in. Most Electronics go out of date quite fast. If you can get your old Macintosh Classic from 1990 to work, you could bring that in because it is a piece of history.

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