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Get cash for your Android tablet today

How you can pawn or sell your tablet with Android OS

Do you want a few extra dollars? Do you have a tablet with Android OS hanging around your house? If you want cash to spend on something nice or a few bills, you can pawn or sell your tablet at a pawn shop.

The first tablet computer was the iPad, released by Apple in April of 2010. Samsung then followed by releasing the first Android OS tablet 5 months later in September of 2010. Much in the same way that the smartphone market is dominated by iPhones and Androids, the tablet market is also dominated by iPads and Android tablets. iPads are only made by Apple, but tablets which run Android OS are made by many different hardware companies.

If you want the most money for your tablet, please get all of the items that came with your tablet, like your charging cable, the manual, and if you still have it, the box it came in. Please clean your tablet and accessories. Then, please back up your data on the cloud and reset your tablet to factory settings. It’s important to back up and wipe the data on your tablet before you pawn or sell it so that you keep your data safe. Pawn shops are used goods stores. It is much easier for them to sell a clean tablet with a power cable than a dirty tablet without a power cable.

The make, model, and condition of your tablet is the most important when determining your pawn shop offer. If your tablet is in perfect condition it is worth more than a tablet with scratches. Also, the newer your tablet is, the more it is worth.

Common tablets with Android OS include LG G-Slate, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Asus Zen Pad, and Huawei MediaPad.

Frequently Asked Questions

My tablet’s screen is broken, can I still pawn or sell it at a pawn shop?

Unfortunately no. Pawn shops are used goods stores and can’t sell a tablet with a broken screen. They would have to replace the screen, which may cost more than the tablet itself. If you are able to replace the screen for free, we definitely recommend it, but otherwise we don’t recommend you try to fix your tablet.

I have a tablet from a few years ago that is in good condition. Can I pawn or sell it at a pawn shop?

Definitely. If your tablet still works and at most has minor aesthetic scratches, you can pawn or sell it at a pawn shop.

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