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Get cash for your Apple iPad today

How you can pawn or sell your Apple iPad

Do you need or want a few extra dollars to get you through the week? Do you have an iPad you don’t need anymore? If you have an iPad of any generation hanging around, you can pawn or sell it at a pawn shop for money today.

The iPad was the first tablet computer. Steve Jobs, then CEO of Apple, wanted to create a computer that was basically a portable screen for easy viewing of media. Traditional laptops and desktops are much bulkier and aren’t as good for little kids. Apple has since expanded on the iPad series with the iPad Mini, a smaller tablet computer, and the iPad Air, a thinner tablet computer. iPads are frequently traded at pawn shops. According to our data, 2.8% of all items in and out of pawn shops are iPads.

If you want the most money for your iPad, please get all of the items that came with your iPad, like your charging cable, the manual, and if you still have it, the box it came in. Please clean your iPad and accessories. Then, please back up your data on the cloud and reset your iPad to factory settings.

The newer your iPad is, and the better condition your iPad is in, the more money it is worth. If you got special upgrades to your iPad, like extra memory or a bigger screen, please make sure you let the pawn shop know. Upgraded iPads are worth more money.

Common iPad models include the iPad 7, iPad Air, iPad Mini, and iPad 6.

Frequently Asked Questions

My iPad is running slower than when I first bought it. Will pawn shops still want it?

Your iPad is most likely running slower because it is filled with too many aps and data. When you reset it to factory conditions, your iPad will most likely run much faster and pawn shops will be willing to pay for it.

My iPad has some minor scratches on the back. Is it still worth pawning or selling it?

Yes! If you only have a few minor aesthetic marks on your iPad but it is still completely functional, then you can definitely still get cash when you pawn or sell it. The things pawn shops will pay less for are if your camera is broken, the screen is cracked, your iPad won’t turn on, or anything else to do with functionality. If your iPad works, then it is still worth money.

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