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Get cash for your Diamond Jewelry today

How you can pawn or sell your Diamond Jewelry

If you’re in a bind and need some quick cash, you can pawn or sell your jewelry to a pawn shop. Even if you’re not in an emergency, pawn shops are a great way to sell diamonds quickly and safely for a fair price. While not all pawn shops are equipped to accept diamond jewelry, many are. Those that are will be enthusiastic to trade cash for your gems. On PawnGuru, we’ll help you find the pawn shops that can pay the most for your diamonds.

How to get the most money for your diamond ring

First, look for any certifications or accessories, like the box, that came with your diamond jewelry. This is helpful for demonstrating the genuine nature of your diamond, and in establishing what kind of cut and clarity it displays. While the pawn shop will judge the diamond with their own tools, bringing these documents strengthens your position. While most diamonds are valued based on their carats, cut, color, and clarity, your diamond may be worth more if it was cut by a famous or well-regarded jeweler.

Do not clean your diamond jewelry yourself. While diamonds mostly do not react to cleaning chemicals, harsh chemicals could interact with the metal surrounding your diamond and tarnish it or destroy it. A pawn shop that is equipped to value your diamond will be able to clean it to their satisfaction, to be able to make an offer.

How to figure out the value of your diamonds

Diamonds are assessed based on the 4 Cs, carats, color, clarity, and cut.

Carats are weight. The bigger the diamond is, the more it weighs, the more carats it has, and the more money it is worth. 1 carat is equivalent to 200mg. Generally for smaller diamonds, like 1 carat and below, the cut, clarity and color are more important on the diamond market. However, for bigger diamonds, the carats are more important. There are lots of 1 carat diamonds, but only a few 300 carat diamonds in the world.

Color is the color of the diamond. A diamond can be completely clear, it can be saturated with color, or anything in between. A diamond is colored by impurities and different minerals within. The clearer the diamond is, the more pure its chemical structure, and (generally) the more expensive it is. Rare exceptions to this include pink diamonds.

The Clarity of the diamond is based on how flawless the inside is. While diamond color is caused by different minerals inside the diamond, the clarity is based on its physical structure. A flawed diamond has lots of cracks and fissures. The clearer, and less flawed a diamond is, the more it is worth.

The Cut of the diamond is not the shape of the diamond, contrary to popular belief! The cut is about the sparkle. A well cut diamond is exactly the depth necessary to reflect and refract the ideal amount of light back at the viewer. A poorly cut diamond is either too shallow or too deep to fully reflect the light and appears to be dull.

Common diamond jewelry includes rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, brooches, amulets, and lockets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pawn or sell broken jewelry to a pawn shop?

Yes, jewelry is generally worth at least the price of the raw materials contained within. If your diamond jewelry is broken, it still has diamonds and precious metals.

Can I pawn or sell loose diamonds?

Yes, you can pawn or sell loose diamonds. Loose diamonds are just as valuable as diamonds currently in jewelry.

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