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Get cash for your Musical Instrument or Equipment today

How you can pawn or sell your musical instrument or equipment

Do you have musical instruments, recording equipment, a sound system, or a car radio you aren’t using? If you want some cash to have or to pay for a bill or two, you can pawn or sell your musical instrument or equipment at a pawn shop.

People have been making music for tens of thousands of years. We’ve used wind instruments, string instruments, percussive instruments, and our voices to play music. In the last 150 years, we’ve switched from having all music be live, to being able to record ourselves. We first recorded on wax cylinders, but now record with digital equipment. We use speakers to both amplify our live music, and speakers to play recorded music.

If you want the most money for your musical instrument, please first get together everything that you use with your instrument, like change of strings, cleaning kit, shoulder rest, and case. If you have equipment, please bring the power cables, XLR and ¼ inch cables, and if you still have them, the manual, warranty, and box it came in. Pawn shops have to be able to resell your item, and it is much easier to resell instruments or equipment with all of their accessories.

We know you might need your instrument or gear later. If you do not want to permanently part with your instrument or equipment, we recommend you try pawning instead of selling. A pawn loan is a short-term loan paid back in monthly installments. Over 90% of pawners get their items back.

Common musical instruments and equipment include guitar, bass, keyboard, piano, drums, violin, cello, viola, trumpet, saxophone, tuba, harp, organ, french horn, trombone, clarinet, speakers, mixer, recording equipment, car audio systems, microphones, cables, and external sound cards.

Frequently Asked Questions

The info says I’ll get anywhere from $20-255 for my tool or equipment item. Why is the spread so large?

There are many different items that fit into this category. If you pawn or sell your electric guitar, you will get a much higher price than if you pawn or sell your small USB microphone.

My musical instrument is very high quality or an antique. Will that get me a higher offer at a pawn shop?

Yes. Definitely. Pawn shops know what an instrument is worth. A high quality violin or guitar will definitely get a higher offer than a budget one.

I have a large number of cables. I got ¼ inch cables, XLRs, IEC power cables, and more. Should I bring those to the pawn shop?

Sure. A pile of cables will get you an offer, but it is way better if you pair them with your equipment. Musical equipment with the correct cables is worth a higher offer from a pawn shop than just cables or equipment.

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