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Get cash for your Tool or Equipment today

How you can pawn or sell your tools or equipment

Do you have tools or equipment at your place? This includes anything from a motorized lawn mower to a circular saw, anything from a toaster to a wheelchair, or anything from a generator to an extension power cable. If you need some money to have or pay a bill or two, you can pawn or sell your tools or equipment at a pawn shop.

Humans have been using tools since before they were humans. We have observed gorillas using sticks to pick up ants from anthills. Throughout history, humans first used stone tools, then copper, then bronze, and eventually iron, steel, and electric tools. Each tool was stronger and more precise than the last. In the modern world, we have simple tools like garden rakes and shovels, more complex tools like a jigsaw, massive machine tools like tractors, medical tools like motorized wheelchairs, home tools like blenders and stoves, and electric generators.

If you want the most money for your tools or equipment, please first get together everything that you use with your equipment, like a power cable, and if you still have them, the manual, warranty, and box it came in. Then please clean your tools or equipment. Pawn shops have to be able to resell your items, and it is much easier to resell a clean piece of equipment with all of its accessories.

We know you might need your tools or equipment later. If you do not want to permanently part with your tools or equipment, we recommend you try pawning instead of selling. A pawn loan is a short-term loan paid back in monthly installments. Over 90% of pawners get their items back.

Common tool and equipment companies include DeWalt, Bosch, Black + Decker, Hitachi, Milwaukee, Makita, Ryobi, Craftsman, Honda, John Deere, Cub Cadet, KitchenAid, Johnson & Johnson, GE, and Metronic.

Frequently Asked Questions

The info says I’ll get anywhere from $12-267 for my tool or equipment item. Why is the spread so large?

There are many different items that fit into this category. If you pawn or sell your riding lawn mower, you will get a much higher price than if you pawn or sell your rake.

I have some extra gasoline or diesel for my power tools or equipment. Can I pawn or sell it at a pawn shop?

Gasoline or diesel fuel is a hazardous material. You can’t pawn or sell your fuel at a pawn shop. If you want to dispose of it, please take it to a recycle center near you. However, you can pawn or sell propane tanks at pawn shops.

I have a bunch of extra drill bits, extra saws, or other accessories that go with my tool or equipment. Can I pawn or sell those individually?

Yes. You can pawn or sell accessories to tools or equipment. However, if you pair the accessories with your tool or equipment, you will get a higher offer than if you pawned or sold your items individually.

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