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The first word spoken on the moon was Houston. America’s most diverse and 4th largest city, Houston is home to many of the country’s largest pawn shops. For men, firearms and guns are a disproportionately popular item to pawn or sell; for women, it’s designer clothes and handbags. Power tools and industrial gear are also common, perhaps owing the city’s historical center in the oil and gas industry. Car culture is powerful in Houston too, like most of Texas, so expect to drive to get to pawn shops. Which is of course, all the more reason to use PawnGuru: don’t start to drive until you’ve let us help you find the right pawn shop for your needs.

M & M Pawn – Houston, TX
Pro Shop
Location 4628 N McCarty St Houston , TX 77013
512 Valu + Pawn – Houston, TX
( 22 ) Pro Shop
Location 910 E Tidwell Houston , TX 77022

"Love the service. Prices were fair."

518  Valu + Pawn – Houston, TX
( 15 ) Pro Shop
Location 8007 Park Place Blvd Houston , TX 77087


Allied Pawn Shop – Pasadena, TX
Location 507 Pasadena Blvd Pasadena , TX 77506
511 Valu + Pawn  – Houston, TX
( 47 ) Pro Shop
Location 1407 Gessner Dr Houston , TX 77080

"Fair deal, quick inspection and fast money on my pocket."

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532 Valu + Pawn – Pasadena, TX
( 15 ) Pro Shop
Location 6323 Spencer Hwy Pasadena , TX 77505

"Lowball prices on anything u post.. other locations will give u much fairer offers and arent such crooks.."

517 Valu + Pawn  – Houston, TX
( 8 ) Pro Shop
Location 6550 W Bellfort St # B Houston , TX 77035

"Great in and out"

516 Valu + Pawn  – Houston, TX
( 12 ) Pro Shop
Location 13630 Veterans Memorial Dr. Ste. A Houston , TX 77014

"fast and friendly service."

515  Valu + Pawn – Houston, TX
( 7 ) Pro Shop
Location 10790 FM 1960 West Houston , TX 77070

"Quick and easy"

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